Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Scrap That Shirt!

So, my dear Mother gave me this shirt! Although it was a dear gesture, it's not my style! It's in great shape and is ( I think) a very nice top! So, I had an idea!

Why not use it in a quilt? Well here's what I'm doing...

Ladybugs and flowers!

And so I did! 

Here's the first block I did! 

It's a pattern from the book, "With Needle and Thread" By: Joanna Figueroa.

This book is just so beautiful and informative! I love it so much! I picked it up at my local library and loved it so much that I neeeeded a copy of my very own! 
Anyway, that's what's happening Up On Callico Hill!

P. S. I know I spelled calico wrong! I did it on purpose 😘

Love, Cathy

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