Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Green Tomatoes...Canning Time

Today, my mother, Laura and I canned some green tomatoes! 

I love canning/preserving with her! She doesn't like to sew or quilt. She's a gardener! I swear she has 10 green thumbs! It seems like whatever she touches just grows crazy! Since she has garden and homemaking skills and I love doing all things homey and girlie, it's a good time in the kitchen when we get together! 

1. First we washed and sterilized everything in boiling water.

2. The green tomatoes were washed and sliced.

3. Then we stuffed the jars to about an inch to the top. 

4. Then she added 1 spoon of salt and filled them within an inch to the top with cold water.

5. After filled with the cold water the lids and rings were on! She would tighten the ring then back it off for a little wiggle room. 

6. Then the jars were placed in a canner and cold water was filled to within one inch from the top. ( around the neck of the jars)

7. Now, they were brought up to a boil and she started timing them and let them boil for 15 minutes. 

8. After 15 minutes of boiling, the jars were lifted out of the canner with a gripper and set aside on the counter on a clean towel. 

That's it! They started pinging immediately! We both grinned at each other at that point because that's the best sound in the world when you're canning! The deal is sealed!!!! Ping!

Easy enough, right? They'll be delicious this winter! Mommy says " beats eating a snowball!"

Hope you enjoyed this little post! See how easy it is? And so gratifying!!!! It just feels good to be able do something special for your family!