Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hi! This Is Me!

Well, here's the first picture added to the blog! Just so you'll have a face to go with the words and other things ill be doing! PLEASE, forgive the graininess and blur! I'm not a photographer! I'm also not a very good selfie taker!

 Today, I'm wearing one of DaddyO's flannel shirts with black leggings and my black and gold vintage earrings. I've had these earrings for a looooong time!
Anyway, I've been admiring his shirt for a while now! I'm staying in today, but if I were to go out, Id put a belt around the waist and wear my black knee high boots!
I like his flannel better than mine because it actually covers the bottom!

Maybe you can search your man's closet and look for some fashion options for yourself!
          I hope you have fabulous day no matter your weather!
Love, Cathy 

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